Blue Pop

Blue Pop



Produced by Adam Daniel and Tom Caffey. Recorded by Tom Caffey with additional engineering by Dave Bassett and Lou Michaels. Tracked at Chateau Relaxeau, Rotten Egg, Paramount Recording, and Price St. Studios. Mixed at Price St. Studios by Tom Caffey with Adam Daniel. Mastered by Jeff King at Paramount Recording Studios. Performed by Adam Daniel with drums and percussion by Darrell Cross and pedal steel on “Lovebug” by Sean Caffey. Songs written by Adam Daniel, published by Breathtaking Songs (ASCAP) © 1998 Adam Daniel. All rights reserved. Cover photo by Karolina Markiewicz. Graphic design by Bau-Da Design Lab, Inc. Thank you to Tom Caffey, Mark Ashton and David Peipers—APG Music, Darrell Cross, “Sheriff” Sean Caffey, Dave Bassett, Lou Michaels, Guy Babylon, Jeff King, Jeff and Charlotte McDonald, Brian Lapin, Bill at Rent-A-Recorder, Richard Craig Caffey, Karolina Markiewicz, Rob Stulberg, Rob Shore, Meridith Baer, Wendy Orbas, Seema Agarwal, Mom/Dad and Jeremy (J.Roxx), and Edengrace. For Edengrace. 2006 reissue dedicated with gratitude to the memory of David Peipers.


Blue Pop stands among the best guitar-pop albums of the ’90’s with swirling melodies, unforgettable hooks, and heartbreaking sincerity… “Her Shake” is an energetic attack of punchy guitars and sing-along harmonies that will leave any true pop fan reeling, while “Cured” twists and turns until it’s completely embedded into your brain.
—Michael Frey, ALL MUSIC GUIDE

Blue Pop is as promising a pop album as you’ll have heard so far this year, gorgeous enough to play again and again, memorable enough that you’ll be singing along to it even when the music’s far far away.
—Bob Gulla, CDNOW

A beautiful pop masterpiece. If “Her Shake” and “Cured” haven’t worn themselves out by Labor Day, then your pop lover ID card will be revoked. My favorite album as of this moment.
—Yeah Yeah Yeah #15 1999

…a fizzy pop record that reveals something darker and more quietly brutal with each listen.
—Eliot Wilder, Amplifier

Daniel’s songwriting skills are impressively limber: He shifts from the punchy “Guess I Got a Girl” to the whispered, wounded “You Wrecked Me” as if he’s been writing exclusively in each style all along.

…built on savvy melodies… that flourish in meticulous, silky-smooth self-production.
—Cheryl Botchick, CMJ New Music Report

“Her Shake” is a potent rocket filled with joyful, chiming guitars, a demonic backbeat and Daniel’s laconic melodic whine. This artist possesses major potential as a crossover player at Alternative, Modern AC and Triple A.
—Album Network’s Virtually Alternative #59