4-track demos: The Adam Daniel Frequency

4-track demos: The Adam Daniel Frequency



Produced, recorded, and mixed by Adam Daniel. Performed by Adam Daniel, with bass on “Hollywood” and “Here Right Now” by Peter Kim and background vocals on “Here Right Now” by Derrick Tanner and Peter Kim. Songs written by Adam Daniel, published by Breathtaking Songs (ASCAP) © 2006 Adam Daniel. All rights reserved. Cover photo by Todd Conover. Graphic design by Adam Daniel. Special thanks to The Adam Daniel Frequency 2000-2002: Derrick Tanner, Marko, Brian Nussle, Greg Magnuson, and Peter Kim. Thank you to Ami Spishock, John Rotella, Alex Coletti, Josh Brooks, Daisy Music, Kevin Flaherty—5 Friendly Rangers, David Bash—International Pop Overthrow, Todd Conover, Tom Caffey, and APG Music. My love and thanks to family, friends, and fans. For Vie and our young, sad, beautiful mess.


All the tunes have Daniel’s high-quality songwriting imprint all over them… it’s an aural snapshot of a moment in time for Adam Daniel and one that pop fans should covet.
—John M. Borack, Amplifier