“…swirling melodies, unforgettable hooks, and heartbreaking sincerity…”
—All Music Guide

Adam Daniel is a singer/songwriter, producer, and session guitarist who’s been heard in The Descendants, Felicity, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and more. A mainstay on the power pop scene, he also produces songs in varied styles for film/TV.

Adam is currently readying a new project: The Adam Daniel Blues Experiment.

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California Saga

California Saga

The tribute tribe is back! We had such a good time with our Beach Boys and Rock n’ Roll Christmas shows, we’re regrouping for a third—bigger and better. This one maps the history of Southern California pop, from the Byrds to Jackson Browne. I’m singing Neil Young’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.” more

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2016

SAG Awards guitar = me, again

Did you watch the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night? Like last year, I was the guitar player on all the music. Sorry for not saying so in advance, but the good ‘ol AFM disallows promotion until shows air. Not sure what’s up with that. more

Rock n' Roll Christmas Show

Rock n’ Roll Christmas Show

The All-Star Charity Tribute to the Beach Boys was such a great time last summer, we’ve decided to regroup for a Christmas show! Same cast of celebrity characters: Gary Griffin, Ken Stacey, The Honeys, the Wilson sisters, etc. And I’ll be singing “Hallelujah” backed not only by the band, but also a full choir! more


More Beach Boys Tribute Pics

Better late than never, here are more pics from an amazing evening, most taken by the lovely and talented Jill Jarrett